Metropolitan External Illuminated Case

Metropolitan External Illuminated Case
  • Silver aluminium Frame
  • Choice of woven fabric or magnetic backing
  • Bright LED strip lighting
  • Ideal for use with push pins or magnets
  • Glazed with 3mm Shatterproof PET
  • Door supports
  • Supplied with wall fixing kit
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100% waterproof IP55 certified to EN60529:1992

The Metropolitan boards have a sturdy aluminium frame in the choice of satin silver or blue powder coated. The top hinged door is glazed with clear 3mm shatterproof PET which is fire certified to BS476 Class 1Y and has a double lock for added security and door supports to hold the door open when changing notices. 

There is a choice of 9 woven fabric colours Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Light Blue, Black, Beige, Silver Grey, Dark Grey  for use with pins or a white magnetic backing for use with magnets.


The unit is illuminated by a strip of white bright LED lights at the top of the display area.

External Internal Holds Pinboard     Overall
575 x 715mm w     445 x 620     4 x A4 (2 rows of 2 A4 L'scape)  9mm 70mm
750 x 540mm w 620 x 445 4 x A4 (2 rows of 2 A4 Port)     9mm 70mm
750 x 970mm w 620 x 875 8 x A4 (2 rows of 4 A4 Port) 9mm 70mm
1050 x 755mm w 920 x 660 9 x A4 (3 rows of 3 A4 Port) 9mm 70mm
1050 x 1015mm w 920 x 920 12 x A4 (3 rows of 4 A4 Port) 9mm 70mm
1050 x 1185mm w 920 x 1090 15 x A4 (3 rows of 5 A4 Port) 9mm 70mm
1050 x 1400mm w     920 x 1305      18 x A4 (3 rows of 6 x A4 Port) 9mm 70mm

Millimetres    Centimetres  Inches       feet & Inches     Holds
575 x 715mm w     57.5 x 71.5cm 22.6" x 28.1"     1.88ft x 2.35ft     4 x A4
750 x 540mm w 75 x 54cm 29.5" x 21.3" 2.46ft x 1.77ft     4 x A4
750 x 970mm w 75 x 97cm 29.5" x 38.2" 2.46ft x 3.18ft 8 x A4
1050 x 755mm w     105 x 75.5cm 41.3" x 29.7"     3.44ft x 2.48ft 9 x A4
1050 x 1015mm w 105 x 101.5cm 41.3" x 40.0" 344ft x 3.33ft 12 x A4
1050 x 1185mm w 105 x 118.5cm 41.3" x 46.7" 3.44ft x 3.89ft 15 x A4
1050 x 1400mm w     105 x 140cmcm     41.3" x 55.1" 3.44ft x 4.59ft 18 x A4

Installation instructions

The Metropolitan board is supplied with as easy to fit wall fixing kit. The kit consists of everything you need to install your new notice board including fixings, screws and instructions. 

Step By Step Guide

1  Using a spirit level, mark out a faint horizental line on the wall 90mm below the desired heigh of the showcase.

2  Fix the spacer bar and the support bracket onto the faint line centrally with the base of the braket on the line with screws and plugs provided.

3  Hang the rear of the showcase frame directly onto the integral slot and slide into the required position.

4  Mark on the wall through the lower drilled fixing hols on the external frame. Remove the showcase from the fixing bracket and drill and plug the wall.

5  Place the showcase back on the wall and fix the lower screws (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN)

Your showcase is now ready for use!


The metropolitan boards are available in bespoke sizes. Please call the sales office on 02476 010076 for a quotation.

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