Recent Donation to Brampton Abbotts Village Hall.

Times are tough with the recent pamdemic and increase in energy prices so when we help, we do. Recently we donated one of our lovely wooden boards to Brampton Abbotts Village Hall, their story below.

Hi Ruth,
I’m still reeling from your generosity and felt I wanted to give you a bit of background so you know what this means to us…
Our Village Hall has been closed since 2018 due to ‘The Beast from the East’ storm damage. Working with all the difficulties around COVID and inflated building costs and after an enormous fundraising effort, we are due to officially open on Sunday 7th
May, combining it with the King's Coronation. It will be the first event we hold since our hall closed five years ago. 
Our funds have been exhausted on extensive structural repairs and essential refurbishment, which has unfortunately left us with no funds for niceties. 
Anything we now need for our Village Hall will be down to further fundraising or charitable donation requests.
Our aim is to create a community venue that is stylish and tasteful to live up to our mission statement of being the venue of choice for the local and wider community. 
I am passionate about bringing our small community of Brampton Abbotts back together. Thank you for being part of our journey.
Kindest regards,
Trustee of Brampton Abbotts Village Hall