Notice Board Condensation

The amount of condensation you get inside your notice board can vary according to several different factors.

Sadly if your board has seen better days, seal perished, fabric backboard soggy, vandalised or glazing damaged then this will all add to your condensation problem. Another reason for condensation is your board may have been installed in the wrong orientation. Hanging the board the wrong way round will seriously compromise its integrity as well as your manufacturers guarantee.

We now recommend external notice boards with a magnetic backing. Notice boards with magnetic backing will not soak up the moisture unlike a fabric covered pin board surface, will not fade and wont get nasty rust marks or use push pins that may affect the surface.

If you still prefer a pin board surface, then we have certain boards which area available with this option. The choice is entirely yours.

All our external boards have anti condensation vents to allow air flow through the board and a rubber seal ensures there is no water ingress.

If you are looking for a new notice board then let us help. We have a huge range and of sizes, colours and frames available in aluminium, wooden and recycled plastic. We supply boards suitable for wall, post and rail mounting. Bespoke sizes are also available. Call us for a quote or chat to us on live chat.